DevDay 2021

I recently had the chance to speak at LINE Corp’s DevDay 2021, and the video is now available freely on YouTube. Slides available here. Recently we have been working on migrating our Core Data stack to an encrypted store, and this talk goes over some of the methods we found. The first half is about… Continue reading DevDay 2021


How often do you see someone use DispatchQueue? Now how often do you see Operation and OperationQueue? I feel like the Operation class is severely underused in most apps. Granted, DispatchQueue works fine, and Operation is just a wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch, but that doesn’t mean much in the Swift world. After all, Swift… Continue reading Operation

Introducing Kagi

I’d like to introduce a new app I released today. I use the word “new” but technically, it is a fork of an older app that I used until it was deprecated last year. Kagi is a password management app based on the KeePass data format. In its basic form it stores login and password… Continue reading Introducing Kagi


Just a quick post to list my previous speaking appearances. 2020 2019 2018