Introducing Kagi

I’d like to introduce a new app I released today. I use the word “new” but technically, it is a fork of an older app that I used until it was deprecated last year.

Kagi is a password management app based on the KeePass data format. In its basic form it stores login and password information, but it can be used to store much more. In addition to the basic data storage abilities of its predecessor MiniKeePass, I added a few new features.

First is that the new app can now open files in place, something that was probably not available back when MiniKeePass was being maintained. Second, I added the ever popular “Dark Mode” support, for those of us who prefer darker backgrounds to the pure white ones. Though the app is entirely free and open source I did add some IAP to the app. I don’t think many will use it, and I almost encourage them not to. My goal is simply to get the developer fee covered. Finally, and I am most proud of this part, I added AutoFill support, something else that was not available in the past.

Please take a look and let me know what you think about the app. If you are interested in helping you can even contribute or create issues on Github.